Beginner Sheiko Training Programs

I recommend that beginners start with #29, with "beginner" being anyone that has not done a full Sheiko program starting with accurate and not estimated 1RM. However, the program has just gone through its "initial" translation from Russian to english, and as such many of the terms and words in there might be a bit cryptic.

That is why I have included #37. Both programs are very similiar, except #29 has less volume. I would recommend starting with #29 and then following up with #37 IF YOU ARE NOT PEAKING FOR A PARTICULAR COMPETITON OR TEST DATE. If you are, then please email me and I can send you a more appropriate competition cycle.

For example, on program #29, you will see that the first exercise for Monday is "a press laying". Well, you can either deduce that this is a bench press, or you can look to program 37 and see that the first exercise listed there is a bench press. The second exercise is "knee bends", which happen to be squats, and so on and so forth.

Also remember that in Sheiko programs (as well as my training journal), that the number of reps is listed first, followed by the number of sets (approaches).

Let me know if this is too confusing...


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Sheiko Program #29

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Exemplary 6- TI the weekly plan for training of the group of the novices


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